How To Set Up A Lab for Electronic Experiments

How To Set Up A Lab for Electronic Experiments

Are you a hardcore geek who wants to create electronic experiments at home? Then you can do it by setting up a lab in your home for conducting experiments. Some of the most popular gadgets we use today were first developed as electronic experiments and they turned out to be money making devices for the developers. Your experiments may not become household names but you’ll have the satisfaction of understanding how electronics work.

The Basics of Setting Up The Lab

You will need a sturdy workbench and a few cabinets as well as some huge storage bins with labels on them so you can stay organized when working on electronic experiments. Install adequate overhead and task lighting in the room so you’ll be able to see clearly and avoid hazards in your lab. The main supplies you need for an electronics lab include a multimeter for testing voltage, oscillioscope, function generator, soldering iron, magnifying glasses, safety goggles, fume exhauster, pliers, glue gun, and screwdrivers.

Choose The Best Location in The House

You want to build your electronics lab in a room of the house where it will not be a hazard for others in the house, particularly kids and pets. You can install the lab in unused rooms such as the basement or the spare room that you won’t use for guests. You want to ensure that the space is big enough and that there is sufficient cooling and heating for your lab.

Make Your Lab As Safe As Possible

Organize your storage bins and shelves in such a way that they’re not all over the place when you work on your projects. You want to unplug all of your devices when not in use to avoid fires or other hazards in the lab. Don’t purchase or use electronic equipment with currents that exceed the power supply you have at home. Never handle electronic equipment with damp hands since this causes electrocution.

Stock Up On Instructional Materials

You’re conducting experiments in your lab so in order for it to be complete you should stock up on instructional materials such as DVDs and books that show you how to create a variety of electronic experiments. When you have the instructional materials in the lab you don’t have to interrupt your project to get what you need to learn how to do experiments correctly.


Electronic experiments are fun to work on and when you have a well organized lab, you can work efficiently and safely. Every few months you should revamp your lab and troubleshoot it to make sure that all of your equipment is working properly. If this is your first time creating an electronics lab, talk with someone who is experienced in it to help you with the process. Once you set up your lab, think about what the purpose of the lab is and what you hope to gain from your experiments. Do you intend to obtain patents for the projects you create or do you want to create projects just for fun?

How To Monetize Your Website

How To Monetize Your Website

You don’t have to know about complicated techy stuff in order to monetize your website. If you cannot afford to hire a professional to help you do it, save few dollars and do it yourself. It just takes a little research, effort and a positive attitude. You like the idea of blogging but you’re put off by the fact that you’re not earning money from your blog. It’s possible to write unique content on topics you’re passionate about while earning cash in the process.

Put Relevant And High Quality Ads on Website

This strategy mainly works if your website generates high traffic daily although some low performing websites may benefit financially from having ads. Make sure that the ads featured on your website are related to the nature of your website. The ads should also be from companies that most people like and trust. One type of online advertising that helps you monetize your ad is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you sign up with an affiliate program and you choose which of their ads you want on your website. For each sale that comes from someone clicking on your ads, you get a share of the affiliate company’s revenue.

Offer To Write Reviews for Companies on Your Blog

Another thing you can do to monetize your blog is to offer to write reviews for companies in exchange for payment. By doing this you not only make money but you help up-and-coming companies get more online exposure for their products, especially if your website is targeted to local audiences. If you write a daily blog that helps aspiring Djs, you can write reviews of the latest models of turntables and microphones.

Sell Ebooks

For those who have a regular blog and who have gained a strong audience over the years, you can write a few ebooks and sell them on your blog. Make sure that the ebooks are reasonably priced and on your blog you want to include brief descriptions of the ebooks. The ebooks should be related to what you discuss on the blog and they cannot be too long since people read Web based material in a shorter amount of time than with print material.

Seek Donations From Readers

Another way to earn money from your website is to seek donations if you operate a nonprofit organization. You want to honest in stating why your organization needs funds and what you will use the funds for. Include videos on your website of what your organization does to help the community and have people give testimonies of how they benefited from your services.

Offer Premium Memberships

If you publish high quality content on your website, you’re in a position to offer premium memberships to your readers for a monthly or yearly fee. If you offer premium memberships you want to write content that your readers will not be able to find anywhere else. For example, if you’re into weird but sometimes true conspiracies that mainstream media will not cover, you can make those articles part of the readers’ membership.

Get Sponsored

If your blog or website has a huge following and popularity, you should seek out a sponsor. You can get a sponsor by attending conferences where the focus is on how bloggers can network for greater opportunities. Talk to some of the companies at the conference who are looking for sponsors and give them your business card with a QR code on it so that they can go to your website right from their  phone. When you receive one or more sponsorships, you increase earnings for your website.

Look for Blogs That Pay Guest Bloggers

These opportunities do not occur often but if you dig deep on a regular basis, you may find a few openings for paid guest bloggers. When you write the guest blogs, you want to write on relevant topics that are in line with the main theme of the blog and if you do well, you might be asked to write for that site on a weekly or monthly basis.

Start An Online Store

Suppose you want to monetize your website but you don’t have time to write daily or weekly blog posts. Start an online store and sell products that you create to the public. Advertise your online store by purchasing a mailing list and sending promotional emails to persons who fit your target customer base. Another way to advertise your online store is to open a social media account and post information about your business to potential customers. When you build your online store offer discounts and free samples as a way of luring customers to your business.

Keep Web Content Fresh And Timeless

Even if you utilize all of the above mentioned strategies, you will not earn much money on your website if the content is not fresh and timeless. You should write content that helps readers improve their lives since this would be considered timeless material. Include videos and photos on your website since it increases traffic to your website and potential earnings. Research unique topics each day and use your personal experiences to create good content. Delete out-of-date news pieces from your website and even some of your older posts if they’re no longer relevant. Get rid of the excess banner ads and update contact information.


Monetizing your website will take research and hard work but it’s worth it when you reap financial rewards. Once you achieved success in monetizing your website, you can use your earnings in various ways. The funds can be used for emergency savings, a vacation, new clothes for the children, groceries or for upcoming bills. When you monetize your blog you start to gain financisl freedom for yourself while doing what you’re passionate about. You’ll need patience when monetizing your website and you should avoid deceptive practices while monetizing your website. If necessary, get assistance from people you know who have successfully monetized their websites. Maintain a positive attitude during the process.

Some Ways to Cut Your Expenses

Some Ways to Cut Your Expenses

We’re living in tough economic times and you’ll need to live within or below your means if you want to thrive financially. One of the best ways to survive financially is to cut out unnecessary expenses since it is those expenses that cause you stress.

No More Eating Out Everyday

For the foodie who loves to eat out, this may be hard for you to do but you should cut back on the number of times you eat out each day if you want to cut expenses and save money for a better financial future. Instead of eating out, learn to prepare healthy meals at home. Buy some cookbooks and search for sales at the supermarket.

Get A Prepaid Phone

Instead of signing up for an expensive two-year contract with a phone carrier, you can slash phone expenses by getting a prepaid phone. A prepaid phone is a type of phone where you only use the number of minutes that you add to the phone. For example, if you purchase 400 minutes, that is the number of minutes you will have. You don’t have to worry about extra fees and a termination fee.

Have Fun for Free

Another thing you can do is have fun for free. Read the local newspaper and look for free events around town that you and the family can enjoy. If you have a lot of craft supplies at home, make a scrapbook with your kids during the weekend. Use your backyard as a makeshift picnic area where you can invite friends over for games and conversation. Ride your bikes in the park or fly your kites on the beach.

Rethink How You Use Transportation

If it’s necessary for you to have a car, shop around for a used car since it generally costs less than a brand new car. Compare the prices of different car insurance companies and look for a car that doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance. For those who don’t need a car you can save money by walking or riding a bike to where you need to be. These forms of transportation are healthier for you than riding in a car.

Become Friends With Local Thrift Stores

If you want to save money on goodies such as new outfits, housewares, toys for the babies, electronics and home décor items, you need to become friends with local thrift stores. Today’s thrift stores are not the same as those of decades past since a majority of the thrift stores carry items from well known manufacturers at great prices. Thrift stores also carry a variety of discounts during the week.


Saving money is important not just for working class families but for people of all kinds of financial situations. Even if you’re retired it is a good idea to save money because according to several personal finance experts, many retirees do not have enough savings to keep them afloat. You should also use your savings wisely.

Latest Developments in LED bulbs

Latest Developments in LED bulbs

Light emitting diodes have replaced the conventional filament bulbs with their energy efficiency and higher lighting capacity. For the past 50 years they have been improving in leaps and bounds and more so in the past decade. The high demand in the lighting industry is one reason for their tremendous growth.  The falling prices and expanding capabilities are indeed a boon for our lighting needs.  Some key benefits of LEDs include efficient lighting, longer life and versatile light characteristics and spectrum.

While LED lights were used only for general lighting purpose, the industry is experiencing a rapid evolution. It is not only the LED dice that matter but other things come into play too. An LED lamp also known as luminaire needs optics, phosphors, thermal managing heat sink, and some driver electronics. The rapid replacement of incandescent bulbs with led bulbs is driving fast enhancements in all these sections.

LEDs use gallium nitride as semiconductor that is bonded to silicon carbide or sapphire. While most of the incandescent filament efficacy is lost as heat, LEDs use the energy more efficiently. Although the LEDs generate heat, the heat is not radiated. Instead, the heat is accumulated inside the LED. The heat sink and thermal path enable dissipation of the heat increasing the longevity of the LED.

The various beneficial factors have made these LEDs to be used in all lighting sources now. The recent LED light bars used in vehicles of all types including emergency vehicles such as those you find at serve as an effective light source keeping you safe while driving.

With their versatile nature, the use of LEDs for other purposes than producing white light is being explored. The effects and working of light is being studied meticulously. In future LED is all set to make huge contribution to human wellbeing, health, attention, alertness and many other aspects.

Some of the benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Energy efficiency: The lights use only 15 percent of energy used by a conventional halogen lamp but provide nearly 85% power output. They create less heat and so are cool when you touch. The cost effectiveness is also highly improved. With an LED that operates on low voltage driver, you can get light that is more powerful for a single watt.
  • Longevity: On an average, an LED light can last up to 80,000 hours. You can reduce maintenance costs largely due to this.
  • Durability: The LEDs do not have filaments inside them. Therefore, they can withstand shock and vibration more and have less risk of damage or need for replacement.
  • Size: You have bulbs as minute as 2mm. This makes them ideal for use in difficult to reach and in very compact areas too.
  • Rapid lighting: You get full brightness when you switch them on and instantly too. This makes them ideal for automotive lights like the LED light bars mentioned earlier, in traffic lights and flashing signs.
  • Safety: Since these lights function at very low voltage they are very cool. And they are safer to handle while you install them or for maintenance. Exposure to snow or rain doesn’t hamper their potential.
How to Grow Indoor Plants Using Led Lights

How to Grow Indoor Plants Using Led Lights

We like to try out new products and give our honest reviews and opinions about them. Testing out new technologies is what we like to do at Madison Web Works. Helping people figure out if those technologies will work for them is the second thing we like to do here. Us “geeks” decided to try something new, which is using LED lights to grow our indoor plants. All of us have one or more plants such as flowers and fruit. It became unanimous that all of us should purchase and test our these lights to see how effective they are for indoor planting usage. A friend of ours suggested that we should experiment with this and gave us this helpful resource to choose the best grow lights.

You will need many supplies in order to start growing your plants indoors. It is different from growing your flowers outside in the yard, but for the most part, it is a task that can be easily accomplished. An indoor gardener needs LED lights, electrical sockets, an electrical outlet with a timer included, and of course, your beautiful plants!

An advantage of using LED lights is that they use less energy for a stronger, long-lasting brightness. In addition to its lasting capabilities, you can purchase these grow lights in any color, even colors that will mimic natural sunlight! LED technology is changing all the time, so much that we were able to energize our indoor plants with a bunch of next generation grow lights.  I cannot tell you how excite we were to use them on our green babies!

First, we had to figure out how much light we needed for our plants.  We were able to decide the amount of light we wanted, and finally chose the wattage of the bulbs. I decided to purchase an electrical outlet timer. I have learned that the majority of plants, they also respond to certain colors of lights. Red and blue hues of LED glow lights are the best to choose from. Additionally, you need the best ratio of these types of lights. As for blue and red lights, I like to use an 80 to 20 ratio. With some lights, you can switch different colors without being a detriment to your plants.

Next, we had to figure out where to put the lights. Figure out how big your plants are or will be, and measure the distance between your plants and LED lights. The light should blanket the plants without going overboard to places where light isn’t needed. I set my lights to be about 8 inches away. 5 to 10 inches are the best distances to go.

I bet you are wondering why we need a timer. The timer is needed for plants who do not need constant light. Too much light can be harmful to some plants just like too little light. Set up a schedule and research your plant’s light exposure needs.

Lastly, never stare into the light bulbs. Staring into the light can cause damage to your eyes! Be sure to be aware of this precaution and have fun while doing it! I was able to grow beautiful magnolias for home, the workplace, and for my mom‘s den. Happy planting!