How To Monetize Your Website

How To Monetize Your WebsiteYou don’t have to know about complicated techy stuff in order to monetize your website. If you cannot afford to hire a professional to help you do it, save few dollars and do it yourself. It just takes a little research, effort and a positive attitude. You like the idea of blogging but you’re put off by the fact that you’re not earning money from your blog. It’s possible to write unique content on topics you’re passionate about while earning cash in the process.

Put Relevant And High Quality Ads on Website

This strategy mainly works if your website generates high traffic daily although some low performing websites may benefit financially from having ads. Make sure that the ads featured on your website are related to the nature of your website. The ads should also be from companies that most people like and trust. One type of online advertising that helps you monetize your ad is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you sign up with an affiliate program and you choose which of their ads you want on your website. For each sale that comes from someone clicking on your ads, you get a share of the affiliate company’s revenue.

Offer To Write Reviews for Companies on Your Blog

Another thing you can do to monetize your blog is to offer to write reviews for companies in exchange for payment. By doing this you not only make money but you help up-and-coming companies get more online exposure for their products, especially if your website is targeted to local audiences. If you write a daily blog that helps aspiring Djs, you can write reviews of the latest models of turntables and microphones.

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Some Ways to Cut Your Expenses

Some Ways to Cut Your ExpensesWe’re living in tough economic times and you’ll need to live within or below your means if you want to thrive financially. One of the best ways to survive financially is to cut out unnecessary expenses since it is those expenses that cause you stress.

No More Eating Out Everyday

For the foodie who loves to eat out, this may be hard for you to do but you should cut back on the number of times you eat out each day if you want to cut expenses and save money for a better financial future. Instead of eating out, learn to prepare healthy meals at home. Buy some cookbooks and search for sales at the supermarket.

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How To Set Up A Lab for Electronic Experiments

How To Set Up A Lab for Electronic ExperimentsAre you a hardcore geek who wants to create electronic experiments at home? Then you can do it by setting up a lab in your home for conducting experiments. Some of the most popular gadgets we use today were first developed as electronic experiments and they turned out to be money making devices for the developers. Your experiments may not become household names but you’ll have the satisfaction of understanding how electronics work.

The Basics of Setting Up The Lab

You will need a sturdy workbench and a few cabinets as well as some huge storage bins with labels on them so you can stay organized when working on electronic experiments. Install adequate overhead and task lighting in the room so you’ll be able to see clearly and avoid hazards in your lab. The main supplies you need for an electronics lab include a multimeter for testing voltage, oscillioscope, function generator, soldering iron, magnifying glasses, safety goggles, fume exhauster, pliers, glue gun, and screwdrivers.

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How to Boost Your Creative Thinking

How to Boost Your Creative ThinkingOften I find my work suffering because I have this block or frozen moment in time that prevents me from going on with the work. When I mentioned about it to the folks here at Madison Web Works, they were quick to point out that what I needed was to polish my creative thinking skills. Contrary to what people may believe creative thinking is not confined to the art world or professionals alone. Everyone needs to sharpen their creative skills, so they can perform their routine tasks in a better way.

Before I go into the ways of boosting creative thinking, it has helped the folks here a great deal. What I’ve found from experience is that you need to focus on creative thinking and for this a special place is needed like electronic lab. Better ideas and improved working methods and much more can be achieved when you think creatively.

  • It can boost your professional life immensely.
  • You can come up with a surprising number of ideas quickly
  • Solving problems is much easier as the solutions that were not so obvious before would become crystal clear with creative thinking
  • You get a new perspective of your personal and professional life, and make positive improvements
  • Your self-confidence increases and you’ll be able to accomplish more

There are several ways in which you can stimulate creative thinking. Some of them may surprise you. The folks here have solved some problems by creating a home-made data center, thanks to creativity. Here are some of the ways that will help you keep you at your creative peak.

Tiredness induces creativity

This may seem weird, but is nevertheless true. Creative insights develop only when we let our mind wander into unrelated paths and tangents. Though most people associate creativity to early mornings or late nights, or some other specific time in a day, creative thinking in reality works best only during periods, when it is not optimal. For instance, a morning person’s brain works better at night when he’s tired and all spent from the day’s work.

This is because brain finds it difficult to focus and wanders off in different directions. This spurs on random thoughts, which are very favorable to creative thinking. Getting ideas that are unconventional, or out of the box, occur mostly during such times.

Activities stimulate creative thinking

Exercise is beneficial in more ways than one. Aiding creativity is one important benefit. Studies reveal that exercise stimulated divergent thinking in individuals and helped them to get more ideas on possible solutions for a problem. The folks here eat home grown plants to boost their creativity.

Optimal noise level for better creativity

Silence may be the most favored state for inducing creative thinking, but a more favorable state is having ambient noise levels. While silence helps in intensive problem solving tasks that need attention to detail, creative thinking needs some sort of ambient or buzzing sound that you find in a place like a café. This sparks new ideas and broader thinking.

Connections are vital

While creativity inherently means generating new ideas, in reality it’s all about connecting with already existing concepts in new ways. Now this makes creativity more human in my view. Whatever creative idea we come up with is got by what we observe. The things happening around us spark new ideas which are mostly an improvement on what already exists. Intelligence we have is due to the physical connections present in the brain.

Travel to foreign places

A study done on college students has revealed that students who travelled abroad had high creative thinking ability than the students who stayed in campus. The creative instincts are enhanced even at the interstate level or even between regions in a state.

Dimness spurs creativity

Though many people work better in natural and bright light and avoid dark and dimly lit areas, research shows that the dimness can help in creativity. The dimness induced a subconscious feeling of freedom to explore. Darkness has been linked to being free of restrictions and inspires you to explore risky possibilities.

Colors for creativity

Green color has been associated with creative performance. A study on the spectrum of colors has elicited that red color helps in tasks that focus on details, while blue improves creative skills. Though this doesn’t imply that you have to paint your work space blue or green, it helps to know about the colors when you are randomly working on various different tasks. The folks at Madison web world sometimes need to relieve stress and for this reason they train with self-made grappling dummy.

Restrictions bring forth creativity

Though giving space or freedom to work has been thought of as the best way to inspire creative thinking, research has broken that concept too. Restrictions actually boost creative output. This may be due to the absence of too many choices to opt from. Facing a blank page can be terrifying to a writer. Creativity is seen as an elusive concept that has to be trapped with restrictions. When you create limits in space and time, better creative thinking can be achieved.

Mess is good

I am a strong advocate of keeping everything neat and tidy. But there are perks in keeping your desk cluttered. Research reveals that a messy surrounding improved creative thinking. New things that are far removed from what is termed classic have always been a great attraction to people. But messiness is not always good. A messy surrounding encourages bad eating habits while a neat surrounding makes you generous and helps you eat healthier foods. So keep a neat space for analytical work and a messy one for creative tasks.

Sleepiness induces creativity

The state immediately after we wake up is called hypnopompic state. During this state we get strong remnants of the dreams that we have. It is during this time that many artists have their creative spurts.

While there are several such ways to boost creativity, choosing the ways that are apt for your setting is important to get the benefits.

Ways the Tech is Changing the Concept of Hobbies

Ways the Tech is Changing the Concept of HobbiesI rarely ever see any kids playing out in the neighborhood now. Most of them are busy watching TV or playing videogames. The days of playing out in the open or indoor activities like collecting stamps are no longer popular among present day youth. They are more content in watching TV rather than play outside. I fear that kids in future would entirely forget the actual surfing and associate it with the internet alone. The technological advances have led to people having more fun doing all the activities virtually. You see kids prefer playing football, baseball, tennis and other sports in their game consoles to the real activity.

Research on childhood activities has revealed that wholesome hobbies are no longer in fashion now. Most people have listed watching TV as their favorite hobby and only a meager percentage confess to playing any type of team sport. Though I don’t get involved in team sports, I love longboarding and take part in competitions too. It is exhilarating and a highly enjoyable sport that keeps me active. I’ve one of the keenest longboards that all my friends in the neighborhood envy.

Technology has certainly wreaked havoc with hobbies. While hobbies were linked to describe activities like sports, gardening or collecting things, they are now spoken of in terms of computers and the bunch of hobbies that have emerged from them. When combined with the social network influence of internet people have hobbies that are mostly connected to some sort of technology. Here are a few of them.

Video games

Ever since computers were created, tech savvy individuals started developing gaming programs. Now the gaming industry is huge revenue churning industry that sees new and more advanced games being developed. Kids and adults are addicted to these games, which are created with innovative models and versions. Interactive gaming is the latest trend that is a hot favorite among gamers now.


While programmers are mostly thought of as professionals, some of the most advanced technologies that have been developed are mainly because of people who have taken up programming as a hobby.  The widely used Linux system was created in the early part of 1990s by Linus Torvalds, a computer science student. Hobbyists are largely responsible for many of the apps that are in use now.


While robots are not a new concept and have been in the making for many centuries, computer has revolutionized their capabilities. Now there are entertaining, useful and artistic robots created by passionate hobbyists. As the hardware and software needed for the robotics shrinks further this hobby field has a promising future.


While writing brings to mind ink and paper, technology has changed this field too. Writers are using advanced printing methods, so the works are more affordable to readers. Newspaper writers get help from telephone, fax and internet for their information needs. EBooks are slowly eliminating the concept of paperbacks. Now most of the readers are online readers. Publishing and distribution of books are much more interactive and accessible with technology.

While much more can be said on the technology front, being entirely dependent on them can wreak havoc on the health. A healthy lifestyle with more activities will certainly help get a better balance and fitness.

How Technology Keeps You Fit and Healthy

How Technology Keeps You Fit and HealthyThe word technology is mostly linked with digital devices that you use routinely like your phone, computer etc. What most people don’t realize is that technology has seeped into each and every aspect of our life from the alarm we set to get up in the morning to keeping up with our daily chores. Fitness trackers are one of the many advances in technology that helps people keep get into shape, lose weight and get healthy.

While many people blame technology for the lifestyle changes we see today, I’ve found that it is not entirely detrimental to our health. The fitness trackers, for instance, are of immense help to health conscious people.  They can record the activity you do in a day or week and motivate you towards a more active lifestyle. You will be conscious of the activity you do and don’t, and try to improve on it. I’d say these devices are a positive step towards staying fit.

I personally use my power racks to keep fit. Pedometers that kept track of the steps you took in a day were the only tech savvy device that existed earlier. But today there are highly sophisticated devices doing the rounds in the fitness industry. More smarter, accurate and advanced devices are now available in the market. Thanks to smart phone technology, you can now carry your fitness adviser along with you wherever you go. These fitness apps keep track of everything you do from your sleep and calorie consumption to your blood pressure and heart rate.

Here are some of the new entries in the market:

  1. Fitness monitors: Fitness monitors are apt for keeping track of the speed and distance, and some of the advanced versions can also give a complete analysis of your fitness schedule, when linked to your computer.
  2. Activity tracker: These are pocket or wrist band type of devices that track the distance, calories burnt, sleep and steps you take. You can easily know about whether you’ve reached your target with these devices.
  3. Chronograph watches: These are built for rugged use and their uses range from simple digital clock to chronograph timer and multifunctional training watch. These are best for swimming, walking and running, and also for routine use.
  4. Pedometers: These count the steps or movement and calculate in relation to miles. These can track the workout or distance you complete in a day. These are best for running and walking. The advanced models are accurate and provide more amount of data.
  5. Heart rate monitors: Available as chest strap or fingertip sensors. The chest strap device sends signals to a receiver present in the wristwatch. This is a popular and data filled choice that gives instantaneous readings. The fingertip is not as accurate and also does not give as much data. These devices are used for cycling, running, walking and gym workouts.

There has been an increase in the use of activity trackers since 2012. While there are several devices being introduced regularly, not all are effective in tracking. You need to do a thorough research and find the right activity tracker that is convenient and effective.

Friends and Fighting for Fitness

Friends and Fighting for FitnessI have to admit that I have tried many things in my quest to get healthy and to break away from the desk. Actually, a lot of them have worked or, if they haven’t, they have been fun to try out at the very least. A few weeks ago I talked to an associate in my field of work about everything that I have been trying to do and he told me that he is really starting to feel the effects of sitting in a chair all day and has felt inspired to become more active as well.

We kind of left the conversation at that and I haven’t really thought of it since, to be honest because we didn’t each other again until last night. Last night I went out to eat at my favorite Italian restaurant with a group of friends and he ended up coming with us. He seemed very upbeat and excited. He mentioned tome that he had taken up boxing. Okay, I know none of my bloggers have met him before, but trust me when I say that he does not look like he would make a natural boxer.

I asked him why he chose to take up boxing and he told me that he always wanted to learn it, even as a little boy. I never would have thought it, but I admit that I wanted to try similar things when I was a kid. This is the first time, however, that he’s had the motivation to actually try and do it, and his unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity all day at work helped in this motivation. I can totally understand that.

He already seems pretty serious about boxing, I have to admit. So much so that he already has a gym membership, a punching bag and his very own pair of amazing boxing gloves, which is honestly very cool because those things are almost iconic. Apparently, he has been going regularly for the past month and practices a little every day. Even though he is still in the early stages, he says that he is already starting to feel different. I wonder how long it will take him to really see results in his physique and energy levels.

The thing is that I will probably find out because we have decided to give each other a little bit of a support system by checking in every week to see what we have each accomplished. I think that it is a great idea because it will keep us both working toward even after the newness of everything wears off and we start to get discouraged or “too busy” or reach plateaus. I am one of the worst people for things like this, but I think that everyone trying to make major lifestyle changes needs some encouragement sometimes. And, it will be fun to learn a little bit about boxing from him in the end.

Shooting the Breeze with Friends

Shooting the Breeze with FriendsMy coworker, Brendan, and I have struck up an unlikely friendship. I get along with many of my coworkers and we do all hang out after work and on the weekends. That’s not unusual. Why I say this friendship is unlikely is because despite the fact that we work at the same place and both have the same interests regarding web design and computers, our other hobbies are widely divergent. Brendan is a person who likes motorcycles, air guns, rafting and playing pool. I don’t know much about any of those things.

We have become close probably not despite these different interests but because of them. I find his hobbies to be some of the more eclectic and interesting that I’ve come across. I’m not sure that he can say the same for me, but I suppose that a hiking, crossfit-training, piano-playing techie is maybe an interesting person to know. At least, I hope so.

Anyway, the reason that I mention Brendan again is that after the motorcycle riding escapade, he invited Kyle and I to go out and shoot some air rifles with him on the weekend. Kyle and I both looked at each other like “What?” but then we decided to give it a go. Brendan gave us the information since it is a little way out of town, and we promised we’d meet him there.

I’m really glad we did decide to take the trip out. The afternoon that we went the weather was good. Despite the fact that it looked a little gray and dismal early in the morning, it had cleared up to be a bright and sunny day by the time we had packed up the car for the trip. The ride was a little longer than we had planned because we thought we had lost our way and turned the car around at one point. It turned out we were right in the first place and the road was just very, very long. Oh, well.

By the time we got there, Brendan was already ready and waiting to get started. The whole time was fun and relaxing. Basically all we did was talk and goof off and then try and shoot at some cans and other targets. Kyle and I know next to nothing about how to try and it something, but Brendan was a really good teacher. He spent a lot of time explaining to us what the pellets were and how the gun mechanisms worked, as well as how to act safely.

The thing he really couldn’t teach us was how to hit the target. I am apparently one of the worst marksmen in history. It’s really not like playing a video game, in case anyone is wondering. Despite all of Brendan’s careful coaching, I was wide of pretty much everything and could not keep steady enough to be accurate. Kyle fired a lot better, and I am pretty sure that I am never going to be able to live my performance down with them.

Anyway, it was a fantastic day out in the fresh air with two great guys. I hope that we have a repeat performance sometime. But, I am either going to have to practice shooting beforehand or we all are going to have to choose a different activity. I don’t think that my reputation can survive a second performance like that one.

Learning to Play the Piano

Learning to Play the PianoI know that this blog is about all things tech, but I have been learning to play the piano on my own for a little over eight months now, and I am happy to report that I am finally able to play some decent sounding music. Okay, to be honest, I still am all thumbs and I am not great at reading music yet. But, it is getting better. I am finally moving on from children’s songs to some more updated and interesting material. And, I have even finished a lesson book and moved on to the second one in the series. That is a big deal for me, as I never seem to stick to these types of things for very long.

In fact, I am amazed that I have even gotten this far considering I don’t have a teacher to report to or a weekly class to attend. One of the things that I have learned while learning to play the piano is that I need to have some sort of motivation to stay on track and practicing regularly, and this motivation has to be fun and not too serious. For me, one of funnest things about learning has been playing around on the Casio PX150 that I bought when I first started to play. I really think that having it has made it so that I can practice 20 or so minutes every day without trying to worm my way out of it psychologically. Okay, almost every day, but I am pretty regular about practicing now.

In all honesty, buying that digital piano was completely nerve-wracking. I had no idea what to look for, and I also didn’t really know if I was going to stick with it long enough to justify buying such a major piece of equipment. But, it is a seriously cool piano, and I love experimenting with the different sounds and features that it has. It is really amazing how an effect or a switch in instrument, which is nothing more than pushing a button, can really change the feeling of a piece. It makes learning to play simple songs a joy instead of a chore.

I am not really going to go into tech specifics here, although I could as these are really high-level pieces of electronic equipment. Maybe I will in a future post. But for now, I think that a site like Piano Report is a really nice resource for both people who are looking for a digital piano and for those techies who just really like looking at specs for different products. (I admit that I can kill a lot of time doing this, geeky as it is.)

Anyway, this was a little different than usual, but it is becoming a major part of my everyday life now, and I am a little bit proud of the progress tat I’ve made. So, I thought that I would share it anyway.

Healthy Day In and Day Out

Healthy Day In and Day OutI have been posting quite a bit lately about health and fitness. The reason is that so many of the people in my field, myself included, did not grow up playing a lot of team or individual sports, and we all have  jobs that are mostly indoors and sedentary.

I love my job, and I do see it as my calling in life. I am so lucky in that regard. But, the lack of activity and the constant need to stare at a computer screen can be weighing on both my body and my general temperament. As I get older, I think that I am feeling this more and more, which I why I have taken up trying new things like crossfit and playing the piano. Even that motorcycle ride a while back was a welcome break. It is really amazing what a change of scenery can do.

Since I know that many of the readers of this blog have the same career path as I do. Like me, they have probably had conversations with coworkers about the lack of time and the tiring work conditions. know that many others are coming to the same realization as I am. It took me a while, I know. And so I worry a little about the newer people who are just starting out and may not be thinking about the long-term effects of sitting at a desk typing on a keyboard all day.

The truth is that we do need to be thinking about our health and our bodies even though we are no destined to become super athletes. So much research has come out lately on everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to eye strain to posture and back problems to breathing in office air. The reports are pretty dire. They say sitting all day is worse than smoking and that it can raise the chances for diabetes, cancer, heart disease and a whole host of other big-deal health issues

These news stories and reports often offer suggestions for standing at a workstation instead of sitting, which is not at all practical in most offices. Or they offer advice on how to stay active at work and exercises to do at the desk, but this is not really enough to my mind. Doing some calf raises or stretching my arms an legs are helpful, but I am finding more and more that they are not really a replacement for strenuous exercise.

That is why it is my sincere hope that people begging to participate in a sport of activity. It doesn’t matter if that activity is running, rock climbing, or shooting a recurve bow. There are so many things to try and to learn that one of these can become a sold fit for someone and could contribute to a longer and healthier work life. Sorry if this came across as overly concerned, but I really do want the best for people in my field. Now, back to work for all of us.

Gadgets and GIS

Gadgets and GISWe have all heard of and probably use GPS. It is everywhere, even in our cars and phones. And, I think that we all have at least a basic idea of what GPS is and how it works. GPS is a part of a bigger way of understanding the world through electronics and technology, however, that gets overlooked. That is GIS. GIS stands for “geographic information system” and it is a computer system that stores, analyzes and presents spatial and geographical information.

GIS uses spatio-temporal location as the key index variable for all information gathered in order to work. Most of the data that is used comes from 2D and 3D aerial photographs that are scanned and then analyzed for latitude, longitude, slope, aspect and other factors. This is a pretty cool way of thinking about computers and mapping and really does put a new perspective on the importance of satellite mapping technologies that we all use so flippantly to look up where the closest Thai takeout restaurant is or what a potential house for sale looks like.

In fact, GIS is so important to various fields that is is often taught as a major called Geo-informatics in colleges now or as a large component in geography programs. Books are being published not only as technical guides but on the history of the field and its development and importance. This is actually pretty cool, by the way, as it has ties to nuclear programs, if anyone ever wants to read upon it.

GIS has revolutionized the way that topography and cartography are done. The accuracy that the devices and programs used in GIS have is way beyond anything that can be done by hand or with simple surveying equipment. Even more amazing, this equipment allows for all of the mapping to be done on site and in real time. This technology includes GPS, a rangefinder and a rugged computer. It is amazing how simple and yet how powerful the hardware is. And GIS software is equally interesting as it is becoming more and more accessible as free and open-sourced material and some of the newer GIS mapping is even done through crowdsourcing.

GIS has also entered into the common marketplace in other ways. People may not be interested in crowdsourcing, but I know a lot of people who work in construction and also many people who are interested in fast cars, hunting and even playing golf. All of these activities now use rangefinders to give location, speed, elevation or other relevant data. Rangefinders are also used in places where GPS does not work. Because of this, the costs of rangefinders are starting to fall and models are starting to offer a wide array of consumer-friendly options. Interestingly, golfers hare bound by the rules of the game to only use rangefinders that measure distance. But, they have many models now for specifically this purpose. And, I know for a fact that hunters can benefit greatly from having the one of keen hunting rangefinders they can possibly buy.

Having a rangefinder is a neat addition to anyone’s home tech collection. I know it seems that almost everything is GPS-enabled now, but this is not really the case. So, whether you are a hunter or are looking to go into amateur GIS mapping for a hobby, this is a cool field to look into and a neat device to try out.

Tinkering, Thinking and Kids

Tinkering, Thinking and KidsI love all things tech, and that means that I spend a good amount of time trying to figure out how things work. It has been a predilection ever since I was a small child. You know those kids who of you look away for five minutes will have the toaster torn apart and in pieces on the floor? I was one of those kids. And, I have to admit that it took quite some time, a lot of patience on the part of my family and several toaster models before I learned to reassemble what I had taken apart.

The reason I mention this is because I read an article recently in the news about the need for children and teenagers to better learn math and the sciences and to show more interest in fields like engineering. I realized that school did help me to develop my interests in the fields, and I give a lo of credit to my teachers for that. However, the place I really learned to love learning was on the floor of our home surrounded by proverbial toaster parts.

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to raise a kid because I am not an expert at all, but I do think that part of parenting is knowing when to step back and let children get a little messy. Of course long as they are safe (and that toaster is unplugged) and not destroying anything of value or importance. And, admittedly, I have destroyed valuable things like when I decided to try and figure out my mother’s serger. Thankfully, she caught me in time and I only managed to take some of the knobs and casing parts off. Even though she stopped me in that moment, I think that my parents knew that there is nothing wrong with letting kids figure things for themselves sometimes and make their own mistakes.

I think that future generations entering the STEM fields really need to bring with them the understanding that they will make mistakes and be wrong sometimes. That is part of the scientific process, after all. Even more, I think that a solid set of critical thinking and problem solving skills and a sense of adventure and childlike questioning of “why” things are the way they are is critical if we are going to find new ways to solve old (and new) problems.

I know that the that kind of wonderment at the way things worked caused some chagrin in my parents as they picked plastic and metal parts up from all over and tried their best to figure out what goes where.  But, I also think that the problem solving that resulted was a critical step in developing my interests and who I am today, including some of my faults (like wanting to figure out or fix situations and even people when I should only be an shoulder to lean on). I really don’t think I would be in the tech industry without that experience. I only hope that other children (and adults) take an interest in tech and also develop a desire to test and explore.

Footwear for a Good Hike with Friends

Footwear for a Good Hike with Friends    I am a desk jockey. I am attached to the computer screen, paperwork, and my comic book superhero posters. I have been gaining a few pounds since I am living an inactive life. I haven’t played baseball or football with friends in a while, and since I finally got my car back from the shop, I have not had the need to ride a bike or walk to the store. The amount of work I have can be stressful, so best believe I lifted a few chocolate bars and bags of cheesy puffs while chugging on an energy drink. Since I knew I needed to do something, I talked to my co-worker and best friend Kyle. Kyle is into nature and doing light exercise. I briefly talked about what was going on and he said he felt the same thing about the rest of us. Then, an idea popped in our heads after Kyle told me about his nature walks. He and I decided to invite a couple of co-workers to an expedition, a hike if you will. I have always wanted to go on a hike, and it would be a good excuse to purchase some new items. What can I say? I love to shop!

I needed to make sure I got the best pair of combat boots that money could buy. I visited to see if they had what I needed. It showed me how to buy the right boots for myself and so, I was ready to learn as much as I was ready to spend. The weather at the time was going to be cold, so I knew that these boots would keep my feet warm and I can have a sturdy grip on the ground with the bottom of the boots. Next, I needed to check off what I was looking for in a good quality boot. I wanted to make sure the hike would be better on my feet with a new pair than some raggedy pair I wore years ago and haven’t worn since.

I knew I needed some fit and durable combat boots. Durability is important to have because the boots can last longer, plus, I liked idea of having more costly boots and not the cheap ones I used to wear. High quality materials such as Gore Tex is something to consider. Also, it is important to wear boots that are very comfortable. Why wear a pair of boots that will just make your entire foot or toes feel suffocated? Why have boots that are too tight? You want breathing room while meeting my needs as I trek in the environment. I found an 10-inch boot that are similar to the ones worn by law enforcement and military.

I spent a reasonable amount on them. They were comfy and had odor control; the rugged leather was exactly what I needed. I wanted to be able to handle dry and moist areas on the trails we were going. Other co-workers, Kyle, and I all head out two weeks after the original planning. After the hike, I must say, I felt rejuvenated. Everyone else felt exhausted, but I just wanted to keep on walking. Thankfully the footwear I bought was perfect for a good hike with friends.