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Importance of SEO in Web Design
If you are planning to design a website that has a high level of performance, you need to consider the design aspect needed for an appealing website, but equally importantly, you need to ensure that you have optimized your site seeing that it is more important than people can imagine but can only experience the ease of navigation and appeal whenever they visit the site and may not even notice how it looks, and to prove this relationship, the following is an explanation of some of the key aspects that bind SEO and web design together.
First, mobile friendliness of your site is an importance of collaboration by search engine optimization and web design, which is important because more than the half of the world’s internet users are dependent on mobile phones to access the internet and the number is continuing to rise while those using desktops are reducing, which makes it a risk for a business or individual to not develop a mobile friendly site seeing that this could be an act of sidelining more than half of the visitors to the website through poor loading on phones hence getting a high bounce rate, which earns the site low ranking by the search engine.
Second, SEO collaborate with web design on enhancing of the speed of your website, a very important aspect in web design because it has been a challenge for many website, and is solved by search engine optimization processes such as elimination of non-essential plugins, allowing of browser caching, and optimization of images, and failing to undertake this activity will make users, especially those using their mobile devices abandon the page when it is loading, which is harmful to your ranking since it is a aspect used by search engines, yet, unlike mobile friendliness of a site, failure to enhance the speed may mean that your pages are not even available for ranking.
The last importance of SEO on web design to look at is the ease of reading of your design, which is important even though people will rarely recognize this, whereby you will spend a lot of your SEO time trying to work on the content of your site and in case you do not work on it, the visitors of your site will have a problem reading, which is caused by issues such as placing the content in strange places, choice of the wrong color combination, excess hyperlinks, and hard to read fonts, which like is the case of not designing a mobile friendly site, would lead to low ranking by the search engine.

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